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  • The Choconours

    The timeless Choconours !


    A mix between the soft and the crisp: delicious and tender one marshmallow coated with a milk chocolate.


    Do not hesitate any more and taste the softness and the intense sweetness of the marshmallow...


    ... A real moment of tenderness...

  • The soft gelled

    Desire flavors ?


    Rediscover the flavors of gelled candies: delicious softness sweets in fruity flavors which will know how to delight your papillas.

    Tendres à souhait, à partager entre grands et petits gourmands !


    Tender, to share with every sweet tooth !

  • The fizzy sweets

    Desire fizz ?


    Tickle your taste buds with our acidic sweets .

    It exists a lot of surprising tastes !

    So, are you ready for new feelings ?